• the submission for the 9th edition of the Baumi-Script-Development-Award (BSDA) is open from 15. September to 15. October from midnight to midnight (central european time)
  • next application deadline is the 15. October 2023 - the deadline is final and can not be extended
  • the application form will be available online on our website
  • you can apply with one project only
  • to submit you need to be a professional author/director with a minimum of one feature film with theatrical release or with a short film awarded at an A-filmfestival
  • in both cases the application for the BSDA is only allowed in cooperation with a production company, that also has already produced a minimum of one feature film with theatrical release
  • incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration
  • your project will be protected, the BSDA will not share or distribute any materials to third parties
  • all authors rights stay with the writer
  • with your submission you agree to all rules and regulations of the BSDA
  • submissions are only accepted online, no paper please
  • persons who work for the BSDA or are connected to the BSDA are not allowed to apply

Project and materials

  • applications are for feature films only (no documentaries, television formats or short-movies)
  • all project materials have to be submitted in english
  • synopsis from 3 to 5 pages max. (line spacing 1,5 / Arial regular, size 12)
  • synopses based on a novel have to be secured with the underlying rights to the material. An author statement of rights (scriptwriter and/or director) or an option contract must be provided with the application. Personal rights to the filmed work must also be provided (see application form)

Award procedures

  • after checking the application, the BSDA committee will decide on the best project and who will be awarded
  • the BSDA committee´s decision can not be appealed
  • the committee can not be held responsible for any errors or omission
  • the winner will be notified via email or phone until two weeks before the award ceremony
  • the award ceremony will be held at the upcoming Berlinale as part of the NRW Film Commission Press Lunch

Award price

  • the BSDA gives financial support of € 20.000,00 for script development once a year
  • the BSDA may chose more than one winner and accordingly will split the price-money.
  • the price money has to be used for further development of the script based on the synopsis and project material submitted
  • the payment of the price money will be made in two instalments: 80% will be paid after the ceremony within four weeks. 20% will be paid after presenting the final script to the BSDA committee within two years after the ceremony
  • the winner has to forward his bank details to the BSDA in order to receive the price money

Credits (and more)

  • Letter of commitment and granting of rights: in funded projects and further development of a film work, the BSDA must be mentioned in the opening and closing titles, and all media, in a suitable form and in agreement with the BSDA
  • The prize winner will grant the BSDA an unrestricted non-exclusive right of use of the project, free of charge, time and place for the non-commercial use of photos, stills, posters, materials about the production or from the trailer
  • the BSDA winner is obliged to send a DVD/or Link of the film made from the BSDA awarded script gratuitously to the BSDA