Application forms

  • BSDA application forms are available here between the 15. September and the 15. October each year
  • please fill in the online application form in english only
  • please upload your treatment as PDF file and name your document as following: Treatment_YOUR PROJECT TITLE_YOUR FULL NAME_BSDA second edition

Additional material and information

  • log line (a one-sentence description of your project)
  • synopsis (1000 word limit)
  • treatment - it should include a title page, name of the writer(s) and the production company´s name (if there is one) - max. 12 pages (line spacing 1,5 / Arial regular, size 12)
  • writers note / artistic statement (1000 word limit) - please give us a short description of how you envision your project in regard to material, intention, your personal connection to the story, the structure, tone and visual style. Your conception of realisation of your script, your idea of an ideal audience and who is the audience you most want to reach. If you have a budget level in mind and why are you passionate about your story.                                                
  • LOI producer (uploaded as PDF file)
  • bio from writer(s) and producer (500 word limit each)

Please note

  • these materials should NOT exceed 10MB
  • the application is only accepted if all requested documents are complete and submitted online
  • the deadline can not be extended